Publié le 1 février 2024

Spécial speakers Tech.Rocks Summit 2023 - Amanda Brock (OpenUK) et Philippe Ensarguet (Orange) - #S06EP01

đŸŽ€ In this new podcast dedicated to our 2023 Tech.Rocks Summit speakers, Amanda BROCK, CEO of OpenUK, talks to Philippe ENSARGUET, Vice President of Software Engineering at ORANGE. Amanda BROCK is a lawyer of 25 years’ experience that decided to put her energy on Open Source, at large. She is CEO of OpenUK, the UK organisation for the business of Open Technology with a purpose of UK Leadership and Global Collaboration in Open Technology. She is also the Executive Producer of State of Open Con 24 taking place 6 and 7 February 2024 in London. In this podcast, you will get to know Amanda, how she made the transition from law to technology and why she lends her voice to important issues such as Open Source, AI and Generative AI or the Cyber Resilience Act. You will also understand how open source technology can support our tech ecosystem to be efficient, which was the overarching theme of the 2023 Tech.Rocks Summit. On a more personal note, Amanda is also covering ADHD, and its impact on daily life, and what, according to her, does it mean to be a leader in tech with open technology in mind. A podcast rich in lessons to be listened to without further ado.


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